Facebook live stream views

Frequently Asked Questions

When do viewers join?

Viewers typically join the live stream within a few minutes after the specified start date indicated in the order.
Yes, simply navigate to the order history and click on the "CHANGE" button. Then, specify the new date and time of the start of live stream. Changes can be made provided that there are at least 2 minutes remaining until the scheduled live stream start time.
Yes. At the bottom of the homepage, you will find an order form. You do not need to create an account to place an order.
Navigate to your order history. In the last column of the table labeled as "Report," you will find buttons marked "1" and "2." Upon clicking "1," a screenshot of the live stream before viewers join will be displayed. Second screenshot is available under button 2 after viewers have joined. By comparing the number of viewers in both screenshots, you can easily verify the ordered number of viewers. You will also find a graph that shows the number of viewers during your live stream.

Is it safe to buy viewers?

Yes,it is. Your privacy is the highest priority for us, we guarantee utmost discretion.
Yes, it is. Purchasing viewers does not violate Facebook's terms of use.
No. There's no possibilty for your competitors or Facebook to see whether viewers are bought.
We provide real viewers. These individuals are viewers watching the live stream without actively participating in it.
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