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Should you buy live viewers on Facebook?

Definitely YES if:

  • You've recently started selling on FB livestream and you don't have many followers on Facebook yet.
  • You want to build up an audience and increase brand visibility, but you don't know how.
  • You need help from an expert with experience delivering audiences for livestreams.
Facebook is a place where businesses of all sizes can connect with their target audience. In addition, Facebook is a great way for businesses to acquire new clients and stay in touch with existing ones. Many professionals use Facebook to run ads, engage with potential clients, answer customer questions, respond to feedback, and provide support.

Livestream is an extremely effective way to share your message with a large audience. Marketing with video broadcasts on Facebook is a simple and effective way to increase brand visibility.

A Livestream combines audio and visual elements, which appeals to multiple senses, and makes it more likely that you will engage with your audience on an emotional level than with just text and static images on a website. Video marketing stands out as one of the most ingenious and effective tools in the era of digital marketing and social media. Thanks to the various features offered by Facebook, such as Facebook livestream, interaction and engagement on the platform have skyrocketed. Facebook has become the second largest source of online video sharing after YouTube.

To start seling on Facebook, all you need is an account on this platform and a smartphone or a webcam. Then, you need to open the Facebook app and go to the "Share" section, and select the "LiveStream" option. After starting the broadcast, you can describe it and share it on your profile and sale groups.

New LiveStream Viewers are much more likely to make a purchase when they are in a larger group of viewers. A broadcast with only a few people is intimidating to potential customers. The number of viewers of your livestream is the key to success in online business. To increase the number of viewers, you can use our service and you will find out that it has huge impact on the sales volume during livestream on fb.

During a LiveStream you can use various tools such as filters, stickers, and special effects, to enhance your video. You can also share your computer screen, which is especially useful for companies and influencers who want to show their viewers some tools or software.

LiveStream on Facebook is also very useful for live Q&A, allowing you to connect directly with your viewers and build a relationship with them. After the livestream ends, it is automatically saved to the user's profile and can be played back later by viewers.

Facebook live is a great tool for building relationships with viewers, gaining new fans and promoting your products or services.


The basic package is 50 viewers for 30 minutes of activity time..
You can select any combination of 50 to 3000 viewers and a duration time of 30 to 300 minutes.
Below are the three most popular packages.

50 Viewers/30 min.

Package details
$ 3
50 Live Viewers
30 min. Stream Watch Time.

100 Viewers/60 min.

Package details
$ 12
100 Live Viewers
60 min. Stream Watch Time.

200 Viewers/120 min.

Package details
$ 48
200 Live Viewers
120 min. Stream Watch Time.